12.6 – Duplicate Processing / Paid by Other Means

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Dispute Condition Code



Why did I get a dispute with Visa reason code 12.6?

You either processed a payment card transaction more than once or you charged the customer’s card after a different payment method was used.

How long can the issuer wait to file a dispute with Visa reason code 12.6?

For U.S. domestic transactions, the dispute timeline can be based on one of two start dates. Either the dispute must be processed within 120 calendar days of:

  • the transaction processing date, or
  • the transaction adjustment date for an ATM cash disbursement or PIN-authenticated debit transaction

For all other transactions, the maximum amount of time that can pass between the transaction processing date and the dispute processing date is 120 calendar days.

What do I need to fight a dispute with Visa reason code 12.6?

  • If the additional charge isn’t a duplicate, provide documentation that proves two separate transactions were processed and they weren’t the same item or service.
  • If the transaction was only processed on the payment card, provide documentation that proves no other form of payment was offered.
  • If you have already processed a refund for the transaction in question, provide documentation that proves you have credited the cardholder’s account.
  • If the cardholder no longer wishes to dispute the transaction, provide documentation that proves the issue has been resolved.

How can I avoid a dispute with Visa reason code 12.6 in the future?

  • If you notice a duplicate transaction, issue a credit as soon as possible.
  • Double check all transaction receipts before they are deposited.
  • Only send batches one time.
  • If the customer wants to change to a different form of payment after initially offering the payment card, be sure to void the charge.

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